Anyone who knows me, knows that me teaching you how to manifest what you want in life is my thing.
The fact that I do it through meditation and a lot of zen stuff is what my tribe finds amusing, and you can see I’m great at it.
So, what I teach you is how to build out a Soul Studio in your mind, with lots of rooms to create the epic stuff you want to do.
And then…we play together. In our Soul Studios.
Okay, just click below and watch the videos about each program.

For years I tried to focus on one thing, but it didn’t work, so I tell people that I am a Life and Business Strategist who takes people on humanitarian expeditions to Kenya, Africa. That usually causes people to pause and say, “What?”

There is a good explanation for it. Just click on each image below and I have a lovely video explaining why I do all the things.

Please know, that just like you, I have gone through a crazy and emotional journey towards finding
my mission and purpose in life. 

I know there are so many people out there who can help you.

The fact that you are entrusting me to help guide you on your own journey means everything to me.

Right now you may be experiencing a few things, including excitement, skepticism, anxiety, fear, and maybe most of all, a deep-rooted hope that there is something out there that can help you listen to your OWN voice, instead of following the voices of others.

No matter what you’re feeling, know this…. You are so NOT alone.

When you have questions, when you have concerns, when the doubts creep in and a case of the “I just can’t do this anymore” hits, you will have a tribe of women ready to help.

And we always ask, “What else is possible?”