Get Grounded: Introduction to LifeStudio

It was about four years ago that I was Introduced to LifeStudio, a meditation program that my dear friend, Becky Rogers, was teaching people to use. “You need to create your Studio, ” She said. We were in my basement, and this was about four hours into a VIP day with her, helping her work on her energy mentoring business.

“Okay, ” I said. “Let’s do that.”

A week later, I found myself at Becky’s house, wandering around with my eyes closed in a meditation, and creating my “Studio”. It turned out that my studio was a lot like (exactly like) Bilbo Baggins’ house from The Lord of the Rings. I imagine that is because I like the idea of a cozy little hobbit hole, reading by the fire, sipping peppermint tea, and having deep conversations.

It’s pretty easy to visualize, right? Well, I thought so, anyway. So, that is how I started. I created the stone steps, and imagined the wildflowers surrounding the round door. Except in my Studio, the door was more teal colored. I do love most shades of teal. It must be the pisces in me.

As I continued to build out my Studio, I created a communication station, where I could mentally send and receive messages and connect with people energetically. This proved particularly handy, as I was working on creating an international humanitarian organization, and most of my team was in Kenya, Africa. I spent many a meditation session inviting friends from Kenya into my Studio for a discussion about what we should do. It worked, as you will learn later.

However, to start, I just worked on building, creating, and learning. Because, that is what we do when we try something new, right? We see what works and doesn’t work.

I’m going to take you on a little journey about what has worked, and what definitely didn’t work, in my entrepreneurial journey. I won’t name names, but I will tell some painful stories, that are from my very interesting point of view. Everything, however, is a lesson to be learned, and we learn from the people that God brings into our lives.

See you next time.