You are in the right place if you are a coach building an online business, need help creating a strategy for your website, courses,
and membership programs, and you would like to have ongoing support and help rather than following a formula.

The people I help the most are starting a business, or building out their side-gig, and call themselves “Tech-challenged.” I love to work with coaches who want to create more pathways for revenue in their business.

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Jambo. I’m Heidi Totten.

I can help you in many ways, but first, I need to know what you need help with. The best way to get started, is to schedule a 45 minute Strategy Session with me. This is NOT a sales call, although I will make recommendations based on the strategy we create for your next steps. 

I focus on helping you create your website, build out your online courses and the platform to deliver them, strategize your email campaigns, and integrate it all so you can focus on making money and not on fixing stuff.

If you are looking for online training, I do have a variety of courses, although I prefer that we work together more in a group or mastermind setting where I can really help you implement. One of my clients calls me an “Intuitive Techie” and that means that as we are working on stuff and tweaking as we go. I’m not really a formula type of person. I believe that everyone’s business and what they need for this is different. My focus is to help YOU figure that out and then we work together.

And finally, I LOVE networking, and host a lot of opportunities online to bring my peeps together from around the world to meet each other. Locally I do smaller gatherings, but for me it is all about conversation and connection. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or extrovert. My doors are open and my vibe is my tribe.

Schedule a Free Tech Assessment

How Can I Help You?

There are a lot of options for us to play together! I recommend starting with a Free Clarity Call, so that I can help you identify what you need right now. 

Let’s Work Together

Free 30 minute zoom Tech Assessment to help you see where you need support.

For $7/month join in on weekly tech training AND get the recordings in Heidi’s Hacks!

Do you need help with Tech Strategy? Grab a spot and let’s get it done! 

Blogging and Vlogging

I’m more of an old school blogger, so you aren’t going to see a lot of junk here. While I am a techie, I’m also into meditation, and as I mentioned, I can take you on a humanitarian expedition to Kenya. This is where I talk about all of it. 

I’ve got a lot of hacks and tips for websites, course building, etc. This is where I write about them. 

I also run a humanitarian organization, so I talk about that here. We go to Kenya.

If you are into meditation and manifesting, there may be some things here that will help. 

I play with some really cool people who create really cool stuff. This is where I share that.

I wrote the book Homeschool on Fire, and now I teach the system that goes with it.

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