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I'm Heidi Totten...

I got started in Sales and Marketing 22 years ago after graduating with a degree in Family Science. I should have listened to a mentor that said, "You really should focus on Public Relations!"

For 15 years I built technical teams for small, medium and large corporations and startups around the world. Then in 2011 I decided to shift my focus to helping entrepreneurs build a strategy around a business that would support the life they want to live.

Since then, I have been a strategic support partner for authors, speaker, coaches and trainers,  helping build out their products and services, using simple technology, to share their message with the world.

I always start with a phone call. I want to understand what you want to create, and then we talk about the services I offer based on the support that you need.

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Heidi Totten wears many hats and wears them very well. She is one of the most well-rounded business savvy woman I have every met. Heidi is proficient in everything from marketing to selling, to writing, to business and technical strategy. She is motivated by serving other people – I have watched Heidi catapult client after client to ultimate success from the ground up. Heidi is personable, honest, friendly, funny and an absolute brilliant business strategist. Whether you are wanting to launch a new business or to take your existing business to the next level. I highly recommend Heidi Totten.

Becky Mackintosh
Becky Mackintosh Author, Speaker, and Motivational Mom

I am so grateful that I met Heidi Totten.  She is one of the most brilliant and efficient people I know! Everything turned out perfect on my website,  she practically was able to read my mind! She filled in descriptions and information making it sounds as if I wrote it! Her ability to tap into the emotion and intentions of my programs allowed the creative results I was looking for. Her business mind opened up ideas for my website and business that I would have never thought of and she gave simple steps on how to set the new concepts into action.  I am so excited for where my business is going and the many people I am able to attract to my site.  Heidi has helped me through all of these amazing changes.

Cynthia Sumner
Cynthia Sumner Holistic Health Coach

I am so thankful for Heidi Totten. My holistic business is always better after a long discussion session with Heidi. Even after fifteen years as a holistic coach, I can honestly say that the direction of my career has been forever changed because of that relationship that I’ve built with her. Heidi has brought her strength to my team. It has helped to train them, support them, and bring them each individual a greater level of success. Heidi is that person that will make a difference for your business, and help you see results that you could never achieve without that one-on-one mastermind vision that she brings to the table. Heidi brings you that visionary spirit to look beyond what you can imagine for yourself as you brand yourself for the next generation of service. I would recommend her coaching to anyone looking to reach the next level of their business technology

Barbara Christensen
Barbara Christensen CPT - Holistic Health Coach

Heidi Totten is fabulous at helping me with the technical part of my business. She is focused and has helped me get organized in ways that are foreign to me. I am a 67 year old Clinical Social Worker with years of counseling experience and NO internet marketing knowledge, so when I decided to expand my practice to help a broader group of people, I was shooting in the dark with my eyes closed. How could I hit the target? I have been working with an amazing young couple who have developed a website and Heidi is setting up systems to help me make a business plan, get people to my site and capture leads and promote my program. I have a lot to offer and now I have a new way to offer it. I am no longer chasing my tail.I cannot overstate how much this has relieved me and excited me. I am no longer afraid of this “brave new world”. Thank you Heidi!

Lois Haroldsen
Lois Haroldsen LCSW - Relationship Counseling

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